OneNote content embedded in a web page

Updated 25/04/2018 – don’t work anymore with single pages. See below for alternative.

You can embed a note into a web page (or blog), providing your CMS supports iFrame, like in this example below :

Simply get the link of the page you want to embed into OneNote UWP (share), and encapsulate your URL into the following html code snippet :

<iframe width=”560” height=”315” src=”your link” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe>


Thanks to Marjolein Hoekstra for sharing this trick, and taking time to work it out for me !

This meant a lot to me, because when we discovered it wouldn’t work on my environment, after a minute of disapointment, I started considering moving to (hosted in Azure), which was a worthwhile endeavour.

Marjolein managed to discover every detail of this feature, and make sence of the underlying limitations, and posted three separate articles :

Updated 24/03/2018 :

Since January 2018, the note appears in a window with the navigation pane on the left : to remove it, in order to enlarge the note’ area and take advantage of the screen’ width, click on the hamburger menu :

and then on the following command (navigation pane icon) :

Finally, check the last option in the drop down menu (“Hide All”) :



Update 28/03/2018 : No more “single page” sharing in OneNote UWP. It seems that sharing a page this way made the page public and even indexed on Google search, which was a concern… You’ll have to share the whole notebook, hosted on OneDrive for Business instead.
Update 22/04/2018 : Links to pages previously shared using this feature will expire on June 1st.
Update 25/04/2018 : the remaining option is to share an entire notebook, hosted on OneDrive for Business. Tested with success, thanks to Marjolein guidance on her blog post mentioned above.
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