Migrating your WordPress blog to Azure

Updated 10/05/2018

This post is dedicated primarily to Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals.

As a MVP, you were granted with many benefits intended to enhance your knowledge of Microsoft products and technologies.

Specifically, you were being granted with Azure Credits and may be willing to take advantage of it to get your grips with Azure. But unless you are already familiar with Azure, it can be overwelming.

A good start is to host your Blog on Azure (if not too simplistic, since Azure offer many other features…) .

Moving away your blog from its free wordpress.com environnement to host it on Azure (wordpress.org) will help improving your blog’ features (custom domain, multi-language, customization…), and appeal for your readers, at a very limited cost : The procedure is not complex, but migrating a blog without jeopardizing your ranking / trafic requires a few mandatory steps.


What are the benefit of hosting your blog in Azure ?

  • To get a custom domain (not available in the free WordPress.com, unless you subscribe for their Personnel plan for 4€/month),
  • To take advantage of thousands of plugins, not available in WordPress.com (unless you switch to their Business plan for 25€/month),
  • To get a bilingual blog (with Polylang plugin for example),
  • To be able to use iFrames (my walkthrough below – written in OneNote – shows up with an iFrame for example),
  •  To be able to use Google Analytics,
  • To take advantage of Azure features (backups, scale up…),
  • To take full control on your blog, and customize it.


If you are up to the challenge, follow the 12 steps of my walkthrough below :

LIRE AUSSI  OneNote content embedded in a web page

(Click on the hamburger menu on the upper-left corner to navigate in the notebook, or remove the left pane, and see the walkthrough full page)

Please consider the following points : WordPress.org’ user interface being slightly different than WordPress.com‘ one, you may loose some features :

  • My theme (« apostrophe 2 ») was not available anymore after the migration : I had to use « apostrophe » ; a solution may consist in downloading the theme’ files with a browser (outside the WordPress.org admin UI), and manually pasting them in the relevant folder, through WebMatrix (not yet tested) ;
  • Also related to the previous point, I was not able anymore to customize the font of my blog’ title (no more “Font” menu in the apostrophe’ Theme/Customize menu ?!) ;

These are obviously minor issues, but I wish you know everything before taking your decision, and start your journey !


Was it worth ? Certainly !

I am happy to have discovered Azure, and getting familiar with its environnement. I am now eager to discover other features, like Virtual Machines…

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